The Cocoonababy Nest® By Red Castle

Red Castle

70.000 KWD 

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Until now, there has been no way to simulate the feeling a newborn experiences in its Mother’s womb. Thanks to a leading team of obstetricians in France, we now can… The Cocoonababy® Nest gives your baby the best start in life.. 

  • The tummy band soothes baby by applying light pressure on their tummy.
  • The contacts of the baby head against the top end of the nest reassures them. The slope of the CocoonaBaby, calculated for baby's optimum well-being.
  • The adjustable, removable wedge enables baby to lie on their back and to be wedged into the nest at the right height.
  • Made from materials allowing baby to move freely and to turn their heads.
  • Fitted sheet is made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Comes with free fitted sheet. Suitable from birth to 6 months (From 2.8kg). Dimensions: 69cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 19cm(H). 
  • Available In WHITE Colour . 




Cocoonababy® Nest Safety

Your baby’s safety is always our number one priority. However, as with any product, it needs to be used safely. We advise all parents to read this page of safety advice and to watch our video prior to using your new Cocoonababy® Nest…


Using the Cocoonababy® Nest Safely At Home

Abide by these safety standards when using the Cocoonababy® Nest at home:

* Suited for babies weighing 2.8kg and above.

* Can be used up until your child starts attempting to roll or change position in the nest (about 4 months of age).

* Cease using at approximately 4 months of age.

* Can be used in a cot or cradle with sides at least 39cms in height (at least 20cm higher than the nest).

* If used outside of a cot or cradle, it must be placed on the floor and never on a raised surface.

* Always place baby on its back in the Cocoonababy®. 



* IMPORTANT – Do not use the Babynomade blanket when your child is in the Cocoonababy® Nest. For safety reasons, a baby should not sleep with any coverings on their head or face.