CYBEX Sirona Ocean Navy Blue Car Seat.


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A revolutionary perspective!

The CYBEX Sirona car seat is one of the most safely car seats.This is because the car seat can be placed in rearward facing. It is proved that this way of carrying your child is 80% more safer than in a forward facing car seat (according to research conducted by VTI – Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (Rapport 489A, 2003).

The ergonomic shape of the CYBEX Sirona seat ensures that your child will be pushed in the car seat by rearward facing in stead of launched out of the car seat by forward facing travel. Furthermore, the Sirona has a 5-point harness, headrest and Side Protection System (SPS). The Sirona can also be placed in forward facing if your child is too large or do not likes it anymore to be drive backwards. To ensure optimum safety you can use the safety cushion on the seat by forward facing.

The seating of the CYBEX Sirona is comfortable and is ergonomical shaped. This way your child always sit in the right position into the car seat. The belts have belt pads so the belts are not bother your child. The settable sleep position ensures that no trip is to far for you and your baby.

All functions of the Sirona are well thought. The belts, head rest, sleep position and more are all settable on the wishes of your child. The car seat is easily to mount in a car with ISOFIX. The best thing is that the car seat can turn 360 degrees. This way it is very easily en comfortable for parents to get their child in and out of the car seat.


  • Can be used from birth up to approx. 4 years (0-18 kg).
  • Central one-pull harness system: comfortable fastening like in infant car seats (rear-facing only).
  • One-click installation with ISOFIX: increased safety and simple installation that reqires no further fastening.
  • 11-position height adjustable headrest: simple and quick adjustment for a perfect fit.
  • One-hand reclining function for an excellent sleep and a relaxed journey.
  • Telescopic L.S.P. system: the telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in combination with the head and shoulder protectors (patent pending).
  • Magnetic belt holder for easy boarding.
  • Rebound bar for maximum protection in case of a rear collision (when used rear-facing).
  • 360° rotation allows for an easy change between rear and forward-facing as well as a comfortable entry & exit position.
  • Front-facing with adjustable safety cushion (9 – 18 kg, approx. 9 months up to 4 years).
  • Measurements (L×W×H): 690×440×530-580 mm.
  • Weight: 15 kg.